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Type: Thesis. Issue Date: Access Restrictions: Tri-College users only. Abstract: Support for medical and recreational marijuana legalization is on the rise, with more than half of states having passed medical marijuana laws, and recent polls showing the majority of the U.

While critics of these laws often claim that they will lead to more crime, supporters assert the opposite- that allowing legal sale of marijuana would decrease crime by shrinking the illegal drug market. Previous research has analyzed the effects of the implementation of medical marijuana laws on crime rates, but this paper is the first to study how the size of the medical marijuana market affects crime rates.

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By using the medical marijuana patient registration rates across states from to , I use a difference-in-differences approach to find that a one percent increase in medical marijuana registration rates decreases murder and robbery rates by 0. These results show that increasing the legal availability of marijuana through medicalization could decrease murder and robbery rates, two crimes highly associated with the illegal drug trade.

Name: GarrisonK.

Legalize Marijuana

The author of the source seems to have a predisposed notion on the subject matter. This statement is a clear indicator that the author is a proponent of legalizing marijuana.

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  8. The sentiment by Smith are retaliated in the source by the author who refers to the Pew research center survey. The survey expounds on the reversal of marijuana law from criminal to civil. The source lays special emphasis on the use of marijuana as medicine for cancer patients.

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    However, Kellena seeks to give clear definition of the components that are contained in the medicine which rare cannabis elements Kellena According to the author two thirds of the American interviewed feel the government should seek to make the rehabilitation of marijuana treatment but not punishment. The Obama administration has also sought to relax the law on the state level, this role has been put squarely on the federal governments to ensure they are independent in the matter of marijuana. The interviewers contend that alcohol more serious an addiction than alcohol.

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